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stamsund hostel, lofoten islands [norway]

Kate ParrishComment

after 2 days in oslo we flew to bodø, a much smaller town that set us up for a 3+ hour ferry into the lofoten islands. lofoten is an archipelago in the artic circle and is known for it's unique scenery – dramatic mountains, open sea, white sand beaches and untouched nature. i jokingly referenced that it was like switzerland and the philippines had a baby. 

one of the coolest things about norway is allemanstratten – the freedom to roam or the right of access. had we known more about this before coming here we would have absolutely brought tents and sleeping bags in our pack. during our almost 2 weeks in this country we were mind blown by the overall trust people have in each other. bus tickets where never checked, we were never given a lock for rental bikes, you're free to pick blueberries or sleep in a public park, picnic where you want, and so on. it was so refreshing and made exploring even more fun. 

our first 4 nights were spent at the stamsund hostel and it was such a dream. this spot has been around for over 40 years and only excepts reservations by phone. when we arrived a few of the guests and roar, the eccentric host of the hostel, welcomed us for a huge crepe dinner with the rest of the group. everyone was so welcoming and clearly this was a very community oriented place. we actually met numerous guests that had been coming for 20+ years. our time here was spent hiking [posts on that later], fishing, exploring, row boating, relaxing, cooking meals in the shared kitchen, learning to make blueberry cobbler, smoking fish, & making new friends with the guests from around the world as we tried to learn everything we could about this quaint & magical little fishing village. 

here are some of our favorite photos from moments around the hostel. 


where: lofoten islands, norway [stamsund]
time of year: august
how to get there: oslo >> flight [2 hours]  >> bodo >> ferry [3 hours] >> stamsund
price per night: roughly $50/night for a private room [shared room is available for less]
activities available: hiking, fishing, cooking, blueberry picking, exploring
things to know:  this is a very special place, and definitely deserves at least a few nights. we met people who had been staying there for over a month! a true family vibe. you will definitely want to rent a car during one of your days. 

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