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mexico city D.F., mexico | TRAVEL GUIDE


Mexico City has uber! While there are plenty of cabs around, this is another great method for bopping around the city [only if you have international data or are using wifi is this a happy option].


CONDESA Cool vibes. great neighborhood, food and cocktails.

Airbnb I always love feeling like a local and Mexico DF has some of the best apartments on Airbnb. see my wishlist here, which includes the Condesa apartment we stayed in during our visit.

to eat

Panaderia Rosetta [breakfast MUST] Incredible bakery in a beautiful historic building. the neighborhood is fun to walk around for street bites and exploring after.

Guzina Oaxaca [lunch or dinner] One of our favorite lunch stops – authentic Oaxacan food is table side prepared and incredible. many mezcals to choose from as well.

Azul Condesa [dinner]  Make sure to order the guacamole with grasshoppers in it [everything else is good, too]. Great margaritas [the mango!], beers and mezcals.

Contramar Delicious seafood spot, but lunch only - famous for their raw tuna tostadas.

Pujol This is truly an experience if you're looking to splurge (cheaper than most) and have a fancy night out. On Season 2 of Chef's Table & a top 50 restaurant in the world. 

Pozole Mercado Coyocan Best pozole in the city in a very cool old school market. 

La Guapachosa One of the best spots in town, the food is next level and their margaritas are perfect. Try the shrimp tacos.

San Angel Inn Super authentic Mexican and a great place to go eat on Sunday. Great people watching here.

to drink

CONDESA DF Great hotel for rooftop drinks overlooking the park. 

Biergarten Roma Housed on the roof of the mercado roma, this outdoor space is a must see.

Limantour Voted top 25 cocktail bar in the world, a must when in condesa. walk around calle oscar wilde street after or before.

La Clendestina Popular dive spot that pours artisanal mezcals, brewed in small batches in the countryside, served from big glass jars.

El Palenquito Offers mezcals that are brought in from small-scale Oaxacan producers in water-cooler jugs, and if there’s one you particularly like, they’ll bottle it to go. 

Jules Basement Speakeasy tucked under an unassuming taco restaurant in the Palanco neighborhood [you will enter through the freezer to get downstairs]. reservations needed!

Pulque Duelistas [if you'd like to drink as the locals do] This oozy gooey super strong booze is not my ideal beverage, but it was interesting to explore such a local favorite. You'll definitely feel out of place but extremely welcomed.

El Mayor Grab a rooftop drink here looking over the ruins and historic center.


Mercado Roma Beautiful 3 story market with all local vendors – coffee, ice cream, cocktails, bites and more. 

Mercado de Medellin The OG of markets, great to see and get all the cheap local bites and experience the old culture of markets.

Zocalo Touristy but the buildings are amazing (think: opening scene from latest Bond movie).

House Luis Barragan Former home (turned museum) of Mexico's most important and celebrated architect. 

Teotihuacan Temples Worth seeing only if you have time – this trip requires a drive, or a bus ride, and takes about half day. 

Coyocan Authentic Mexico DF neighborhood, click the link for more information from Airbnb. Don't miss the market here!

Museo Soumaya The building architecture is very unique and worth the trip, more so than the art inside. Museo Jumex right next to the Soumaya, largest collection of contemporary art in Latin America.

Frida's House The historic home of Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo. Now an art museum dedicated to their life and work.

Leon Trotsky Musuem His house when he lived in Mexico with a huge outside garden that is something to see. The house has been preserved including the study where a Stalin supporter killed Trotsky with an ice axe to the back of the head.

Polanco A fancier neighborhood to wander around with great shops, parks and restaurants. 

Plaza Garibaldi An absolute must to see authentic mariachi bands playing in masses. Hundreds gather in the square and it's unlike anything I've ever seen. * to note: pickpocketing is common in this area (as we were warned by locals) so i'd recommend getting dropped off by your cab at the entrance, and leaving the same way It is absolutely safe in the square and worth the experience.

Chapultepec Castle In the middle of the park atop a hill, catch beautiful views from here and visit a sacred historical site for the Aztecs.

Xochilmico Vintage Mexican decorated boats on a lake with groups of people partying together (can rent one for the day).