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–– In an effort to live a lower-waste lifestyle,
here are a few products I’ve found. ––


 B A T H R O O M


K I T C H E N & L A U N D R Y


N O T E:

compostable: something i recently learned is that if compostable items aren’t properly compostable –– then they are no better for the planet than plastic. if it IS properly composted though, then it is infinitely better than single use plastic

recyclable: recycling is a good, but an underused solution (only 9% of worldwide plastic waste actually gets recycled). instead of asking how we can recycle more plastic, let's work together and find ways to consume less of it in the first place.

single-use plastic: single-use plastic packaging for everyday products accounted for 54% of the world’s plastic waste in 2015. our addiction to plastic-powered convenience is harming our bodies and our planet.