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steep ravine cabins

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i found these old photos archived in dropbox and reminisced on what a cozy weekend we had back in … 2017?! … the baby [winnie] in these photos is now 3 and has a little sister if that tells us anything. these cabins are tucked up next to stinson beach and are basically impossible to get a reservation at –– we had been trying for years. we finally secured a spot on a random Tuesday in december and dang, it was cool.

the cabins themselves are, rustic, to say the least. it’s BYO-everything with no electricity or running water –– jake ended up sleeping on a very hard wood surface to give his wife and bebe the only mattress in the place. we made chili, drank wine, watched the sun set, played cards, read poetry by candlelight, and it is such a special memory.

i believe they open up the bookings every 6 months or so here. <3


favorites for a new mom & baby

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after i found myself copy-pasting the same email to a few expecting friends / co workers /etc. of some of my favorite things when i was pregnant & post partum, i figured i would compile them all here! enjoy…


  • Ritual prenatal vitamins | I took these my whole pregnancy and <3’d them

  • STORQ Sitz bath | great for after labor/delivery

  • The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother | I enjoyed reading this

  • TUCKS cooling pads | kept these in the fridge for after labor/delivery

  • Align leggings | so stretchy and soft and cozy –– but do not put them in the dryer!

  • Bone broth | Mama tong is my go-to, but really any bone broth will do – warm fluids are so important for your body after going through labor – and bone broth is packed with nutrients

  • Evolve | I’m not usually a protein shake person, but I enjoyed these for the early-morning breast feeding moments when I was starving and needed an energy boost


  • Snuggle Me Organic | Oren slept in this from night 1 until about 9 months old

  • Willaby baby blanket | the perfect lil blankey

  • Swaddles - don't buy a ton until you learn your baby's preferences. Oren liked to arms up and so we had a bunch of swaddles we didn't need/use.

  • Lectro Fan | Our favorite sound machine. Oren has slept with since night 1.

  • Bibs paci | We started Oren on a paci pretty early because it was very obvious he wanted to constantly be sucking – he loves them so much

  • Burp cloth | these are the best! We bought recycled rags for this to be more eco friendly and they are so absorbent

  • Solly wrap | So sunggly and easy when they are teeny

  • Bjorn bouncer | We started using this around week 4 or so? It’s THE BEST

  • Boon tub | I like this because you don't have to fill your whole bath

  • Pumping bra! | Very key

  • Space heater | Oren got really cold when he was first born, so we had this by his diaper pad 

  • Keekaroo diaper pad | is great, but not the coziest – we usually line with a swaddle

  • Diapers | we use Earth Baby SF [brand Dyper] for composting and diaper delivery

  • Clothes | Newborn sized things are a waste to buy in my opinion –Oren wore a diaper for the first 4 weeks unless we went outside. I found zip up onsies are the easiest. I tried to get hand-me-downs from friends because they grow so so fast. 


kauai christmas

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kauai is such a special place for us –– we went for my 25th birthday and it was one of our first big trips together. we’d always wanted to go back, and with the new direct flights from oakland, we knew a hawaiian christmas would be perfect for oren’s first.

we rented a cozy little house that was walking distance to both the town [hanalei] and the beach. it came fully loaded with an outdoor shower, multiple cruiser bikes and all the beach gear a family could need. our days were long and mellow, we tried to make minimal plans and wanted to be flexible with a baby.

i was also able to reconnect with the family i used to babysit for in college, they’re all so grown up! it was so lovely to see everyone and madison gave us the best local recs [as they are now hawaiian locals!].

a few of my favorites:

hanalei bread co. | so cozy for coffee and breakfast, get there when they open !
dolphin fish market | we cooked dinner 6 out of 7 nights, and all of the fish was from here
tahiti nui | live music every night, delicious mai thais – we went more than once a day :)
wishing well | delicious smoothies and acai bowls
| in an old house - delicious food and all around very cozy. reservation recommended.
baracuda | another great spot for dinner - highly recommended to get a reservation
PV eats | great specialized grocery store, and really fun for lunch or a glass of wine - epic views
kilauea fish market
| a fun little area to wander. order lunch and explore the shops nearby while you wait
on & on
| for some spa life on a rainy day
farmer’s market – saturday mornings @ 9 am
| rain or shine! we went and it was pouring, but still so cozy
hannalei bay & tunnels | for beach days
hanakapiai falls hike | reservations only! we booked via the shuttle site which worked well for us . *note, this is not a baby friendly hike. we left oren with his grandparents and auntie - best babysitters ever! <3

p h o t o o v e r l o a d !


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back in october kyle had a conference in brooklyn for work. oren and i decided to tag along being that a. we needed to see elizabeth and charles, and b. there is nothing cozier than NY in october.


prior to this visit i’d only spent a few hours or so in brooklyn –– drinks at the wythe hotel, brunch at five leaves, wandering williamsburg, etc. so this visit we wanted to really dig in and see what else this awesome city had to offer. we were overwhelmed with how much we loved it. the cozy streets filled with brownstones, delicious restaurants that were very oren-friendly, beautiful parks, fun bars, and all around great energy.

our airbnb was nestled on a quiet street which was perfect with a baby. we kept him on california time which meant a 10pm bed time, and therefore lots of fun dinners out with mom & dad.

here are some favorites from the week:

red hook

take a ferry to the city which is a really fun experience 
fort defiance very cozy cafe/bar for brunch on the main street in red hook
red hook lobster pound legit lobster rolls
defonte's OG Brooklyn Italian sandwich shop since the 1920s

carroll gardens

frankie's fun vibe + music, great italian food, and interesting wines/cocktails
lucali cult following pizza and calzone dinner restaurant. BYOB and typically need a resy. what a place to experience!
black mountain wine house the coziest wine bar with legit food
mazzola bakery morning pastries and breads
hungry ghost delicious coffee and austin shipped breakfast tacos!
public records beautiful space – come for morning coffee and a bite or evening cocktails and live music. hidden neighborhood gem
mile end deli **montreal style bagels 
black gold records espresso drinks and record perusing

fort greene

walter's famous brunch spot on cute corner
colonia verde latin for lunch or dinner with amazing food and a huge back patio
miss ada israeli dinner place – very buzzy and will need a reservation
rhodora wine bar might be the cutest wine bar I've ever been to – delicious tapas and the kind of place you want to spend the transition from afternoon to evening

park slope / prospect park

prospect park (aka brooklyn's central park) – massive and fun to stroll + relax. complete with a full zoo and carousel too. check out what's playing at the prospect park bandshell, they do a summer series of good and free concerts which is a ton of fun.
olmsted fun brunch scene with really good food. weather permitting, i highly recommend enjoying their back patio.

cozy winter in copenhagen

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over thanksgiving we took our first international vacation as a family of 3 to copenhagen. it exceeded our expectations with delicious food, warm people, cozy wine bars, an exceptionally clean metro system, loads of baby friendly things to do and endless christmas markets. despite the cooler temps all the locals were still on bikes and did not let winter stop them from being out and about -— kids fill the playgrounds bundled up and everyone is making the most of it. [most] of our days were spent walking and exploring, stopping here and there for bites and drinks and browsing. oren was such a trooper and it gave us the confidence that traveling with a baby isn’t as scary as we thought it would be.

a few favorite spots: 

yaffa for lunch or dinner
bodil for a coursed dinner
hotel sanders lunch or drinks by the fireplace
cafe dryehaven casual breakfast/lunch or drinks
absalon church for breakfast or evening family style dinner
lille bakery worth the journey! hit up la bianchina afterwards as they are in the same area
brød bakery try the local favorite cheese toastie
ancestral, pio vin & bar, ved stranden 10 some cozy and cool wine bars
tivoli garden we went for the cozy christmas market, but it’s worth a visit all year round
kihoskh an up-leveled convenient store great for grabbing cool beers to go
tapperiet brus cool beer hall near a lot of cute shops
meatpacking district — wander around, mother and prolog coffee
the round tower – worth the walk up!
assistens cemetery – beautiful grounds, locals almost treat it like a park more than a cemetery. tons of trees and spots for picnics, or just a nice stroll

here is an overload of pics…

T R A V E L T I P:
if you are traveling internationally with a baby under 9 months, call the airline and they’ll hook you up with a bassinet seat for no additional charge [in coach, at the bulkhead]. this was soo helpful.


Y O U M I G H T A L S O L I K E: