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kauai [but mostly hanalei]

Kate ParrishComment

there aren't really words to describe how loving this trip was – other than a day of rain and a wallet gone MIA, it was kinda perfect.  kp martha and jc – you made my 25th birthday unforgettable.

some highlights include: mermaid cafe, kileau fish market– for lunch, and for fish shopping {to later grill} at our hanalei home. tunnels beach. hanakapi'ai falls. fresh popsicles. our jeep wrangler. daily acai bowls. our patio in the garden. the most amazing yoga session. hilarious encounters at the blue room. "epic surf sessions" for kp. epic laying on the beach sessions for me. frescobol. chichis by the pool, a surprise dinner at postcards... and so much more. below are some of my fav photos from the trip, and a video may pop up here soon. 

^^ the moment we took back all regret in buying those dweeeby hiking sandals 

^^ holy the most amazing thing i've ever seen. we swam underneath that behemoth and i was cold and scared and excited all at once. if you've ever felt this trifecta it is a fun one. 

^^ jumping into the waves to swim with {well more like comfortably next to} the sea turtles