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ball and groom: wedding day

Kate Parrish4 Comments

choosing words to explain how special and romantic this day was, is really hard.  intimate ... stunning ... dreamy ... loving ... cozy all come to mind, but certainly don't do it any justice. the morning-of was relaxed and pleasant. we had a typical italian breakfast and all the girls gathered in the villa to gossip and such before we started to get ready. we sipped more champagne, ate chocolate croissants [which seemed appropriate before putting on evening gowns], threw on robes, had our hair and make up crafted by some italian babes, listened to tunes, took more photos with magnus, laughed a lot and all of a sudden it was time for D & E to get HITCHED.   

it rained the entire day in the most romantic and moody way that i'll never forget. there is something so special about seeing a bride gathering up her dress underneath an umbrella, hopping into a vintage fiat with her dad and driving off to the chapel. i cried the entire way down the aisle and afterwards the sky opened up to give everyone a dry stroll to the reception. the rest of the evening was spent drinking delicious wine, swooning over the FOB and brotherOB's speeches, dancing a LOT,  watching the craziest fireworks show i've ever seen,  swimming in our gowns, packing into the sauna and tucking into bed at 4:30am. this bride and groom know how to party, and i can't wait to share some of the profesh photos...


^^ these last two are scenes from the day after. beers and rosé were the only things to help us get through the sadness of leaving. take me back!