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cali, colombia

Kate ParrishComment

cali isn't known as a big colombian tourist destination

it can be very hot and parts can be dangerous. as a whole though with some research, recommendations from a friend/local, and a great airbnb, we found it to be one of our favorite and most authentic cities that we visited. we were staying in the colonial neighborhood san antonio, which is generally safe and a beautiful place to spend time. in the middle of this part of a town is a huge park that becomes lively with great vibes as the locals and tourists alike gather to have a picnic, play live music and enjoy the cool night air [the temp always dropped at least 25 degrees every night]. 

some of the places we loved:

  • watching & dancing salsa in what is known now to be salsa's global must be experienced. best seen at night, we loved la pergola which is on a rooftop and has great drinks. we also wanted to dance at zaperoco or tintindeo which look more casual but fun too.
  • pao for breakfast or lunch;  part bakery, part pizza spot, salads, great iced coffee and cookies, pretty much everything they did was good and it is a great place hang from the heat. we went many times!
  • park at colina de san antonio come here around sunset to see 18th century church and crowd that gathers to hang for the night
  • cafe macondo for dessert, coffee, cocktails and often live music
  • empanadas obelisco random location and not the greatest setting, but these empanadas were on a different level and highly worth seeking out 
  • la colina โ€“ A MUST! maybe our favorite local bar of the entire trip. grocery store turned cultural icon, where the locals hang out, over some hot some empanadas and ice cold beers.
  • gallery alameda the city's 'farmer's market' which is a fun place to wander and grab snacks or fresh fruit and produce. 
  • museo la tertulia a cool museum featuring collections of modern art, an auditorium, an outdoor theater & a nice outdoor garden area