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favorites for a new mom & baby

Kate ParrishComment


after i found myself copy-pasting the same email to a few expecting friends / co workers /etc. of some of my favorite things when i was pregnant & post partum, i figured i would compile them all here! enjoy…


  • Ritual prenatal vitamins | I took these my whole pregnancy and <3’d them

  • STORQ Sitz bath | great for after labor/delivery

  • The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother | I enjoyed reading this

  • TUCKS cooling pads | kept these in the fridge for after labor/delivery

  • Align leggings | so stretchy and soft and cozy –– but do not put them in the dryer!

  • Bone broth | Mama tong is my go-to, but really any bone broth will do – warm fluids are so important for your body after going through labor – and bone broth is packed with nutrients

  • Evolve | I’m not usually a protein shake person, but I enjoyed these for the early-morning breast feeding moments when I was starving and needed an energy boost


  • Snuggle Me Organic | Oren slept in this from night 1 until about 9 months old

  • Willaby baby blanket | the perfect lil blankey

  • Swaddles - don't buy a ton until you learn your baby's preferences. Oren liked to arms up and so we had a bunch of swaddles we didn't need/use.

  • Lectro Fan | Our favorite sound machine. Oren has slept with since night 1.

  • Bibs paci | We started Oren on a paci pretty early because it was very obvious he wanted to constantly be sucking – he loves them so much

  • Burp cloth | these are the best! We bought recycled rags for this to be more eco friendly and they are so absorbent

  • Solly wrap | So sunggly and easy when they are teeny

  • Bjorn bouncer | We started using this around week 4 or so? It’s THE BEST

  • Boon tub | I like this because you don't have to fill your whole bath

  • Pumping bra! | Very key

  • Space heater | Oren got really cold when he was first born, so we had this by his diaper pad 

  • Keekaroo diaper pad | is great, but not the coziest – we usually line with a swaddle

  • Diapers | we use Earth Baby SF [brand Dyper] for composting and diaper delivery

  • Clothes | Newborn sized things are a waste to buy in my opinion –Oren wore a diaper for the first 4 weeks unless we went outside. I found zip up onsies are the easiest. I tried to get hand-me-downs from friends because they grow so so fast.