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bear paw high sierra camp | sequoia national park

Kate ParrishComment

getting the reservation

bear paw high sierra camp has been on our list for years, but it’s one of those places where you have to book january 1st @ 8am and the dates fill up for the entire year (many people blocking slots then canceling later too). we’d secured a reservation back in 2016 and ended up having to give it up - but finally made it this past year! due to some local wildfires :( it was pretty smokey, but of course still beautiful as ever and a great way to celebrate the recent news we had just found out [baby!]

the trek [August, 2018]

we booked two nights at the camp, and a night on both ends in the park [it’s a long drive and you won’t want to end the long hike and have to get in the car for 8 hours]. here’s a little glance at our rough itinerary:

  • day 1: depart SF, drive to sequoia national park and sleep at wuksachi lodge [this place is definitely over priced, but it’s the only hotel in the park so unless your camping, it is the only option].

  • day 2: wake up early, eat a big breakfast, and get your parking permits. easy to pick up at ranger station with proof of registration for bear paw. time to start the trek! 11.5 miles to camp with deceiving gradual gain in elevation that will take it’s toll on you so be prepared – pack light, bring snacks and tons of h20. you will want to get started fairly early so you have time to shower when you arrive and settle in for the cozy and delicious meals the staff prepares.

  • day 3: full day deep in the back country. we did a hike to a remote lake where we swam in the chilly water, had lunch [tri-tip sandwiches prepared by bearpaw!], and kp attempted some fly fishing. to beat the storm, we headed back and spent the afternoon relaxing at camp playing cards and drinking wine before dinner.

  • day 4: slow morning with breakfast, relaxing and coffee before making the trek home. it was hot, and i was exhausted due to the extra human in my belly. kyle eventually carried my backpack a portion of the way home after i was terrified from our rattle snake sighting [photo below]. that night we slept in fresno to break up the drive

  • day 5: drive home to sf! [about 5-6 hours]


^^ you can barely see it, but this photo captures the long body of the rattle snake we saw! right between the two rocks.