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mankas with oren

Kate ParrishComment

mankas inverness lodge

a little over 3 yeas ago we stayed at mankas for the first time after our wedding –– it was a splurge and a treat and we knew we’d want to come back again one day to celebrate something else. a new baby seemed like just the right thing to celebrate. we journeyed back with our 4 week old [at the time – somehow now he’s now almost 5 months].

we booked the boat house this time for a change of scenery and were so in love with the cozy coastal feel. the days were slow – a casual walk, oysters, and lots of time cuddling and feeding oren. we were up most of the night feeding him as well :) but it was such a great escape from our apartment in the city.

our room had it’s own living space, an outdoor shower, a fireplace, and very cozy in-room dining. we also ventured out for oren’s first restaurant experience at saltwater oyster depot and he slept the whole time. it was really loving.