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northern colombia: 4 nights in cartagena

Kate ParrishComment
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a quick flight from medellin and we were in this colorful little city

people told us cartagena would be way more touristy than other cities in colombia which is definitely true, but i loved it all the same. the cobblestoned streets, seaside restaurants and incredibly kind locals made for a romantic and welcomed escape (albeit a HOT escape -- it is frickin hot and humid in colombia in june). 

this walled city is famous for its colonial architecture, street art, colorful buildings, castles, culture, and rich history (dating back to 1533) being colombia's largest port city (as it still is today). cartagena has played a major part in the country's history,  not only protecting them from a number of invasions, but also in battling pirates who desired the city’s treasure and riches.


if you're visiting cartagena, here are a few things we loved:

  1. our airbnb in getsemani (bunch of cute hotels near here too) –– we loved staying in this neighborhood because of it's proximity to the center park and nightly hangout
  2. burgers in the square (from the food carts ... also loved the "patacon con todo")
  3. cocktails on the rooftop at alquimico 
  4. a night at the cafe havana club (touristy, but honesly a must do)
  5. bazurto social club (arrive around 11pm or it will be dead!)
  6. popsicles from la paletteria
  7. breakfast bites from la esquina del pan de bono
  8. some of the city's best ceviche at la laguna azul (literally in a strip mall, but trust us)
  9. gathering at cafe del mar with tourists and locals for sunset at the wall (i'd recommend BYOBing)
  10. grab lunch at la mulata, delicious food and great vibes. many people recommended la cevicheria, which is definitely *good*, but we found it a little over priced and too touristy. 

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