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yellowstone national park

Kate ParrishComment

on our last day in yellowstone we really had to pack sh*t in – who knows when we'll be back to this glorious place. some tips if you're in the area include:

– skip old faithful {if you're short on time} and do the short grand prismatic springs hike. you'll get a view that none of the other tourists are getting, and you'll feel the burn, too.  

– explore on foot – many people you'll see are driving around, getting out of the car, snapping pics, and continuing on their way, but there is a lot tucked back in those woods. 

^^ this moment did not include warm air or warm water 

^^ this might go down in history as the longest / hardest hike of all time. we seem happy eating our little picnic, but we were tired. real tired. seeing that glacier-run-off lake at the top of a mountain was quite rewarding, though {in hindsight}.