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where to sleep, eat & drink in sarajevo, bosnia

Kate ParrishComment

our visit to sarajevo lasted for 4 days, which felt like the perfect amount of time to really enjoy the city. read more about why we visited bosnia here. 

hotel old sarajevo could not have been better. with a unique mix of modern design & traditional bosnian flare, this small boutique hotel is the perfect place to hang your head. located in the heart of the old town, we loved how walkable everything felt and how easy it was to pop into small shops, exhibits or restaurants. the atmosphere is extremely homey, quiet and cozy – yet sits atop one of the most delicious and authentic restaurants we tried. with only 8 rooms, we felt like we were friends with the staff by the time we were checking out. i absolutely recommend staying here about 74 euro/night

is really good. the simple but flavorful meals are almost hard to explain, but something about the meat + onions + mustard just works and is the kind of thing you are left craving.. with influence by both turkey and eastern european cuisine, meat is of course popular, as are cabbage-based dishes. most known for cevapcici, lamb sausages that are often eaten with a flat bread called somun. pastries [sweet and savory] are common; burek and pita [layered cheese or meat pies] and zeljanica [spinach pie] are also served as main dishes. 

cevabdžinica petica across the street from the old sarajevo hotel and we admittedly ate here more than once, the cevapcici is not to be missed | karuzo VEGAN restaurant in a town deficient of vegetarian options, this place is a real gem. it’s behind the ‘green market’, where the chef/owner buys ingredients for the day and is leading a health revolution in sarajevo | kibe mahala in the foothills of sarajevo’s oldest neighborhood , walking here is one of our favorite memories – about 25 minutes from the square, the route takes you through quiet neighborhoods giving a true glance into the 'local life' [some of those shots can be seen in this post]. the restaurant itself is set in a large house that is also a bnb, you climb the stairs to a fireplace-anchored dining room surrounded by panoramic views of the town. known for some of the city’s best traditional dishes| dzenita no frills, good food, outdoor seating & in the center of the action. great for lunch on a sunny day | inat kuca cozy atmosphere for dinner, serving traditional bosnian dishes and less than a 5 minute walk from the old town. try bey's soup and the stuffed peppers or onions.  


kefir, a thin yogurt drink is popular, as is turkish coffee and a kind of tea called salep [a must try!]. homemade brandy, rakija, is a popular alcoholic drink [specifically plum]

cajdžinica džirlo a rustic, wood-planked traditional bosnian coffee and tea shop. served in copper pots, on bascarsija’s eastern edge in old town. the owners here are legends and the ambiance makes it hard to leave | zlatna ribica head here for a nightcap, across the street from the eternal flame honoring WWII victims, this cafe and bar is sarajevo’s kitschiest watering hole | restorant vinoteka fun place to try local bosnian, serbian & croatian wines with more than 100 different winemakers | barhana known for having a huge selection of local rajikas and pairing them with late night wood fired pizzas. their patio is very key on a warm night.