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4 day trips in western slovenia

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slovenia is small. diverse and naturally beautiful, but we're talking smaller than new jersey. a great jumping off point for western slovenia is klavze 28 in most na soči, from here you can access a ton of day trip adventures [some of which can actually be combined if you're short on time]. below are some of the things we did and some of the things we would do next time, when we make it back here... which we have sworn to do. 

DAY TRIP #1: goriška brda

a secret to many, but locally known as the 'tuscany of slovenia'. this region produces some of the best wine in slovenia. behind a huge mountain range, you drop into a winding road loaded with vineyards, charming villages and quant churches set amongst beautiful rolling hills. we ate at klinec medana [an organic, family owned producer] as we had already enjoyed their wine and their food was equally as delicious. the region is mainly known for their broad selection of white wines, but is also one of the original producers of the funky orange wine which we loved. kmetika stekar is another great option referred by valter from hiša franko

DAY TRIP #2: karst wine road 

this road hugs the mediterranean coast, with a strip of italy in between, and limestone cliffs to the east. it's a very picturesque drive through the valley with many cute towns & churches along the way. the region is famous for their red teran wine, which is spicy but smooth and served at every local restaurant. we stopped for lunch in the ancient village of dutovlje and soaked up the afternoon sun on a cozy patio. sežana and komen are other great towns to stop in for lunch / wine. 


DAY TRIP #3: škocjan & postojna caves

these are two of the largest underground caves in the world, both dating back millions of years. škocjan (UNESCO site) is smaller, you do the tour on foot as opposed to the train that takes you through postojna. it would take most of the day to do both, so i'd recommend picking one. we chose škocjan and were mind blown by the sheer size of this cave and the underground network those who discovered it built over 100 years ago. it's in the karst region, so i would do the morning tour and drive the wine road back.
[tip: trips #2 & #3 can be done in one packed day]

DAY TRIP #4: tolmin gorges

 at the south entrance into triglav national park, this impressive gorge cuts through huge limestone mountains. it is also a sanctuary for the local marble trout and the water color is out of this world. a short and easy hiking loop that takes ~2.5 hours.


  • piran the most quaint and beautiful of slovenia's few coastal cities. their old town is filled with medieval architecture, narrow cobblestone streets and fresh seafood.
  • bovec in the triglav national park, small mountain town but a destination for water sport enthusiasts (kayak, rafting, cliff jumping) as the koritnica and soča rivers run through. great hikes and mountain bike trails too.
  • kranjska gora known for it's skiing in the winter and outdoor activities in the summer, it is your best access point to the Julian Alps. drive to jasna lake to hang for the day or go fly fishing.



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