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Summer weekend in vancouver, BC

Kate ParrishComment

we really, really (really) loved vancouver. it was the perfect mix of everything i enjoy – mountains, sunshine, water and good food. (and, well, so much more). we arrived thursday evening for a lovely seawall bike ride and our airbnb apartment quickly started to feel like home. we spent most of our time in the gastown area, and i will definitely go back one day. 3 days was just not enough!

some highlights include: eating @ la abbatoir (dinner pastries!), meat and breadbao bei (chinese food, french chef, japanese plating, cocktails galore - holy smokes!), le marche st. georgedrinking @ revolver coffeediamondvancouver urban wineryalibi room exploring @ old faithfulspanish banksstanley park, third beach, grouse grind (um workout), public market, and far too much more.