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the best vegan restaurant in ubud [or ever]

Kate ParrishComment


but my mom is, so i certainly appreciate vegan food after learning so much from her cooking [and have dabbled in trying to eat more veggies & less meat]. its a concept i can get behind for multiple reasons – it has been proven by many to be more sustainable for our environment, better for our bodies and really so much more that i won't get into right now. 

when we read about moksa, a 100% plant based restaurant in ubud, we knew it was worth trying based on all of the local ingredients available on the island. i booked a table for dinner and after our first bite immediately reserved a table for lunch the following day. 


changes daily and is served in small plates so everything is shareable. each dish could not be more fresh or unique, and it is evident that the restaurant heavily supports giving back to the local community of ubud – sourcing everything from their own garden or local farmers nearby. vegan or not, this restaurant is affordable, well designed [both the exterior and cuisine] and likely one of the most delicious meals i've ever eaten. and the best part? for a dinner that left us full and beyond happy, we only spent about $23 for our entire dinner. if you don't make it here during your time in ubud, then you're missing out. 

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