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i can't believe our trip to canada has already come and gone – it was everything i hoped it would be. montreal was completely different than i pictured, though {i didn't realize it was such a big city}. we had perfect weather luck which played a huge role in our experience – the sun was out, the temp was chilly-ish but also warm at times, and we never felt a drop despite the forecasted rain. some highlights from the trip include: 


^^ biking down little side streets 

^^st-viateur bagels the warmest softest yummiest

^^ splitting a crazy sandwich at shwartz's

^^ drinks and snacks at hotel herman

^^ stocking up on maple syrup at the farmer's market 

^^ biking to the top of mont royal – here you see me mid-mental breakdown. it was 45 minutes of uphill and i was pissed, but it was worth it {in hindsight}. when we arrived at the top there was live music, a silent disco (?!) and an art festival we had no idea would be going on. 

^^ j

oe beef

! you were delicious and cute

^^ an amazing japanese [big in japan] speakeasy whiskey bar and restaurant

^^dominion square tavern great old school spot for seafood and a cocktail

we came home feeling full, broke, and happy – i think we'll definitely be back to this city, hopefully next time with friends or family by our side. happy tuesday. 


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quebec city is a little frenchy town 2 hours north of montreal. it's crazy, not that many people speak english or choose not too, but it's to the charm of the city. our drive in was beautiful – streets were covered in yellow flowers, endless cotton fields, and plenty of cows, goats and horses. some highlights from our time spent here include:

our cozy little airbnb, wandering the streets and finding gems around every corner {the oldest epicerie in QC}, a hilarious dance party at bar la cuisine, pizza lunch at nina pizza napolitaine, and an incredible dinner that we'll remember for a lifetime at l'affaire est ketchup. It was one of the best and most unique dining experiences we've had.


^^ one of the only photos we got at ketchup – this place was special because it truly felt like you were in someone's home (look at the stove!!) – our bar seats gave us the perfect view of these two quebec chefs whipping up masterpieces. the owner translated the whole menu to us, and our food left us nearly licking our plates clean. i even loved the sweetbreads and that dish is usually way too scary. 

hiking in jacques cartier national park [quebec]

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after a 12 hour trip getting to canada {we flew to vermont and drove from there}, we were ready to breathe some fresh air and use our legs. our first day in quebec city was spent doing just that – exploring park national jacques-cartier. unfortunately the water was too high for kayaking {i had been dreaming of this picture), and there were no moose to be seen – however, we had so much fun hiking in such serenity.

we didn't run into another human on the trail ... just a snake and frog.


^^ afterwards we drove back into town for lunch at nina pizza napolitaine a spot that had been recommended to us by a few locals – it did not disappoint. it was a perfect day to kick off our trip!