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dinner at burma superstar, san francisco

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a few months back we had just wrapped up bay to breakers and were wandering the inner richmond looking for food. burma superstar is a restaurant i've always heard/read about, but never really thought to go to. when we saw the crowds gathering out front we said why the hell not and put our name down. while we waited 45+ minutes for a table we browsed seedstore [a very cool men/women shop] and had a drink at the bitter end right down the street. this neighborhood has so much more than i ever realized. when we finally sat down for dinner we ordered beers and let the server take control. this place is crazy delicious and now i understand all the hype! 

some tips:

  • try to get there right when they open [5pm] 
  • wander clement street while you wait for a table
  • if the wait is too painfully long, their smaller sister restaurant right down the road is almost as good 
  • start with the tea leaf salad and platha dip 
  • consult the staff: our waiter ordered for us and everything was delicious

summer in sonoma

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last weekend we were invited by two of our dear friends [who live in austin] to join them at their rental home for the weekend to celebrate erin's birthday and enjoy some much needed pool time [& baby time]. our weekend was spent enjoying the warm weather [sf has been 58 and windy], sipping wine on our favorite lawn, snacking at fremont diner, swimming at our awesome pad, grilling burgers [and veggie burgers], playing hilarious games and watching the boys leisure dive. thank you, ben and erin, for including us in such a fun weekend!

PS some of our other favorite sonoma spots include:  el molino, ernie's, the girl and the fig and ram's gate.  

pie ranch barn dance, pescadero

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the barn dance at pie ranch is something we've been wanting to experience for way too long – so when we found out they were hosting one last weekend, it was time to finally just make it happen. this last minute decision left us high and dry with where we would sleep that night [and we knew driving 1.5 hrs home afterwards would not be fun]. typically we camp or snag one of the spots i mentioned in this post, but alas these were long since sold out. after some pretty hilarious brainstorming, we agreed on renting a pick-up F250 from getaround {which is actually awesome} and camping in the truck bed. for dinner we picnicked with wine and the infamous artichoke bread followed by sandwiches and sparkles

the rest of the night was spent dancing [to the calls by this guy] and laughing uncontrollably. afterwards we shared an entire pie, enjoyed the crazy moon, rolled out our sleeping bags and slept to the sound of the waves. the next day was spent having coffee @ downtown local and breakfast before a beach day at grey whale cove. these random little weekends are one of the many reasons i really love living here. 

memorial day weekend: camping in humboldt

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we successfully made our second annual memorial day camping trip happen! 

saturday morning we drove north and stopped in hopland for lunch at the extremely cute blue bird cafe. the rest of the day was spent getting acquainted with the swimming holes, sipping rosé creekside, sorting out our fishing pole situation, busting out frescobol and setting up camp at standish hickey [which was a little too jam packed this year]. later that evening we climbed the fence for a perfect sunset spot before dinner at the peg house [across the street] and s'mores + shower thoughts by the fire. 

day two we moved even more north for a very private day of swimming, drinking jac's sangria, fishing [not to be confused with catching], stick baseball, jumping and exploring near our next campsite: richardson grove [i loved this spot]. we cooked chilli for dinner and watched the stars & satellites from the parking lot. en route home on monday we stopped in anderson valley for lunch at the boonville general store and a quick look at the boonville hotel – which i can't wait to come back to! our final stop was bar bocce to catch the warriors win before making our way over the golden gate. i hope this tradition stays alive for a long time. photos from last year can be seen here

dollar day at golden gate fields

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it only took 6 years to make this happen! 

last sunday we made our way over the bay bridge to berkley with dollar bills in our pocket ready to cash in for coins that would later buy us dollar beers and dollar dogs and [7] dollar nachos at golden gate fields. the day started with a spritz and donuts at our apartment before grabbing lunch at picante [as appealing as the dollar dogs were, we figured arriving with a fully belly was probably wise]. this authentic mexican spot was delicious, had a sun-ripping patio and was walkable to the fields. afterwards we stopped at fieldwork brewing co. for a few tastings before the first race at 1:45. we bet money... won money... lost money... CRUSHED nachos... splurged on $5 VIP seats... and had such a fun afternoon cheering on our horsies, people watching and sipping canned rosé. the bart ride home was rather sleepy, but i'm so glad we finally experienced GGF.