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lodging review: klavze 28 | most na soci, slovenia

Kate Parrish2 Comments

this b&b is painfully cool and even more beautiful than any photo can do justice. ben and steffan [the owners] restored these two abandoned 150 year old farmhouses into a chic, welcoming, relaxed and cozy environment. the entire property breathes fresh mountain air, good vibes, delicious food, scenic views and flowing {orange} wine [wine country is only 45 minutes away by car]. the final piece that makes this place such a dream, a crystal clear river that runs through their land, perfect for swimming in the summer heat or just enjoying nature's peaceful sounds. 

each room is designed with every detail accounted for, but in a very minimalistic way. their design aesthetic is clear and consistent, oddly enough they decorated both houses almost fully with rare finds from the nearby junkyard. steffan was nice enough to take us one day and the place was incredible. we found enamel mugs and dishware that had 'made in yugoslavia' on the bottom and other finds that alameda flea market would salivate over. next spring they are opening a full service restaurant that we helped clear for the final touches this winter. it is a gorgeous space and they will serve local dishes with an influenced twist given their diverse backgrounds.

the valley itself is steeped with history as it was a historic bloody battlefield during WW1 and ernest hemingway wrote A Farewell to Arms in this region in 1929. still relatively untouched, it doesn't take much imagination to envision the past. we spent 2 weeks here that we will never forget and have already vowed to return someday, hopefully with friends and family to share this special place with. 

WHEREsoca valley, western slovenia
HOW TO GET THERE: fly into trieste, italy or ljubljana, slovenia; 1-3 hours by car or train, they have a train stop [podmelec] that is a 15 minute walk to the farm.
PRICE PER NIGHT: $70-$100 per room [including breakfast and dinner]
ACTIVITIES AVAILABLE: fly fishing, hiking, kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, river swimming & relaxing!


^^ these last three photos are from jessica wyld – loved how she captured the kitchen and chic bathrooms <3