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Å hostel & reine | lofoten islands, norway

Kate Parrish2 Comments

the back half of our time in norway was spent in Å, the most southern tip of the lofoten islands. this area seemed a bit more "known" as there were more young tourists and backpackers. that being said, it was still rather quiet relatively. 

the "town" was situated right near the water and consisted of: our hostel, hiking trails, a boat dock, a fishing museum sharing the history of stockfish [which is why you see all of the dried fish heads], a small bakery [which served fresh cinnamon rolls and bread every morning!], a small grocery store, a few other hostels/cabins, 2 restaurants and a small bar. we slept in two twin beds, used coins for hot water, and cooked dinner every night because dinner prices were borderline ridiculous.

one day we took a bus 20 minutes to reine, an extremely cute town known for their fishing cabins, kayaking, whale watching and boat tours. kayaking wasn't available because of the weather, so we rented bikes for $10 here and explored the whole area on two wheels. the sweet guy [photographed below] @ reine adventures recommended we stop for lunch at anitas, and it ended up being the most tasty meal we'd had in a while. fresh fish burgers and salmon sandwiches.  this might have been one of my favorite days. after our final day of hiking here [post on that coming next] we had a long travel day of ferry >> flight >> quick night in oslo [where i did laundry and all of my white clothes turned PINK!] >> flight >> BERLIN! 

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