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where to eat and drink in porto, portugal

Kate ParrishComment

our first stop in portugal was a small-ish town in the north, porto. we arrived in the evening and immediately went to our airbnb which was about 10 minutes from the square. the city has a very clean and efficient public transit system so we were totally fine with our location. we dropped our bags, showered and were on our way to explore porto by night. immediately the city just felt awesome. warm weather, narrow cobble stone streets, fun vibes pouring out into the streets and the beautiful mix of old architecture – i was so happy. we popped into a super grungy but awesome taverna to try the local francesinha. it's worth tasting, but i recommend splitting it with someone unless you love cheese and meat. we popped around a few bars afterwards and got a good feel for the city within just one night. 

even though we're on a pretty tight budget, eating out in porto felt pretty affordable. small bites and drinks are cheap and filling [we're talking no more than €5 a person]. in addition to the francesinha, we tried to taste all of the local delights: sardines, bacalhau [cod fish croquettes], caldo verde soup,  sandes de pernil [pork sandwiches], port wine, sparkling rosé – and so much more. we will list out everything on the travel guide soon, but a few of our immediate favorites are below. 

CITY: porto, portugal
HOW WE GO THERE: train from galicia, spain [2.5 hours]
WHERE WE STAYEDairbnb private room 
COST: € 39/night  
: 3 nights

EAT || taxca ||  casa guedes || mercearia flores || fish @ any of the waterfront spots in matosinhos || 
DRINK || combi coffee truck || casinha cafe || port tasting @ taylor's || era uma vez no porto
SLEEP || if you choose not to do airbnb, my ribeira or the white box house are both very cool spots ||