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pie ranch barn dance, pescadero

Kate ParrishComment

the barn dance at pie ranch is something we've been wanting to experience for way too long – so when we found out they were hosting one last weekend, it was time to finally just make it happen. this last minute decision left us high and dry with where we would sleep that night [and we knew driving 1.5 hrs home afterwards would not be fun]. typically we camp or snag one of the spots i mentioned in this post, but alas these were long since sold out. after some pretty hilarious brainstorming, we agreed on renting a pick-up F250 from getaround {which is actually awesome} and camping in the truck bed. for dinner we picnicked with wine and the infamous artichoke bread followed by sandwiches and sparkles

the rest of the night was spent dancing [to the calls by this guy] and laughing uncontrollably. afterwards we shared an entire pie, enjoyed the crazy moon, rolled out our sleeping bags and slept to the sound of the waves. the next day was spent having coffee @ downtown local and breakfast before a beach day at grey whale cove. these random little weekends are one of the many reasons i really love living here.