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9 things to do during winter in paris

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is pretty dang cold ... and likely rainy ... but honestly, it's still amazing and a little bit less crowded which is cool. for those of you who don't know, i studied abroad here 8 years ago so it holds a special little place in my heart. i haven't been back since, and i truly forgot how much i love this city. it feels so much like new york to me, with of course the chic european flare. coming here at 28 felt a lot different than being there at 20 – i appreciate the food scene much more than i ever did, and love all the new interesting things popping up around the city. 

see our << FULL TRAVEL GUIDE HERE >> – but these are 9 of my favorite things we did on this trip...

  • BRUNCH at holy belly [hipster tourist trap, but the food was good and it is fun spot to be]. if the line is too long, there is a cute cafe called le pouch or a juice bar next door.  biglove cafe is also a italian cafe worth checking out. 
  • COFFEE: fragments espresso bar, kistune and boot cafe are all worth a visit for a caffeine boost 
  • LUNCH: frenchie to go [get here early to grab a window seat] if you're in a rush or on a budget try l'as falafel
  • TREATS: every bakery in paris is good, but these fancy eclairs are a fun treat to splurge on 
  • COCKTAILS: cozy up at candelaria or le mary celeste
  • DINNERclamato or septime [and a drink before at the wine bar across the street] 
  • BEAUTY SUPPLIEScity pharma  gets pretty busy and crazy, but it has the cheapest high quality products by far - stock up! biafine & biafine with SPF, A313 and bioderma facewash are some of my favorites. beware, most of the employees will not speak english with you – having pictures on your phone of what you want is helpful. 
  • SACRE COUER & MONTMARTE: one of my favorite neighborhoods to wander. pop into a brasserie for a snack and glass of wine [tip, set your map to la maison rose to get to sacre couer – it's a much better way to walk]
  • UNDERRATED PARK place des vosges park is in le marais and a fun change from the other more famous parks 
  • FLEA MARKET [only saturday – monday]: for more tips on how to shop this awesome spot, visit our travel guide

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