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outdoor voices: our favorite adventure gear & tips for staying fit on the road

Kate ParrishComment

packing for this trip was tricky – on my first attempt, almost half of the stuff i wanted to bring wouldn't fit. when i realized i would likely be wearing the same thing over and over; i knew i needed good quality gear that would last through wear & tear, random weather situations, be comfy for travel days, durable for adventure days, easy to clean and ideally look cute for city exploring days. OV's pieces are interchangeable, easy to layer, light but sturdy and straight up STYLISH. these clothes have been on our bodies about 85% of the last 4 months and the mix of gear we chose could not have been more perfect. 

staying fit while traveling can be really tough. we hike a lot which is great, but we're also often on long bus rides, car or train rides and spend a lot of time out eating [and drinking] local fare. i for one get really bad headaches and anxiety if i don't at least take the time to stretch for 10 minutes a day. being both mentally and physically healthy is really important [duh], and here are a few ways we've tried to keep up with being out of our usual at-home-routine:

  1. HEADSPACE: have you tried it? these guided meditation and mindfulness sessions are a really great way to bring awareness to your inner thoughts and set the tone for the day. 
  2. KAYLA ITSINES BBG: this 28 minute work out is HARD and can be done almost anywhere. it's all against your own body weight, so it's also great for men too.
  3. BANDS, STRAPS & STRETCHING these bands pack up small and are perfect for strengthening workouts and getting in a really good stretch. we often use them in a park or in a communal area if it's too cold out. 
  4. LOCAL PARKS or HEALTH CLUBS on a warm day, running or working out in a local park is a fun way to see the city but also get some exercise in. if it's cold, we look for a budget friendly gym deal, places where we can swim laps, lift weights or take a yoga class at a good price. most places usually have a deal for first-timers.
  5. WATER, WATER AND MORE WATER staying hydrated while traveling is something a lot of people forget to do and it can make or break a trip. we packed a lot of nuun which has been a great way to get replenished.

we have linked our favorite OV gear below | also check out more travel tips and my full packing list