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how to glamp [for cheap] in napa

Kate ParrishComment


i almost prefer wine tasting in crummy weather –  it is so much cozier than trying to drink multiple types of wine in the scorching summer heat. the spring colors were starting to show as we drove through the napa/calistoga vineyards, and as the afternoon went on, the rain only came down harder. we kept ourselves busy popping in to different wineries and coffee shops – balancing out our buzz with caffeine.


  • tank wine,and chateau montelena [from a garage to a straight up castle] 
  • olabisi wines – a cozy interior where we sat by the fireplace and played cards
  • dinner at the french/creole inspired evangeline
  • sleeping in our yurt tucked back in the trees. we heard every raindrop on the roof and cozied up around our headlamps [FYI the tents are pretty bare bones with no electricity and you need a sleeping big and pillow ]. 


WHERE: bothe-napa state park | less than 10 minutes from calistoga
PRICE PER NIGHT: $70, check availability here
NOTE: the tents are pretty bare bones with no electricity and you need to bring your sleeping bag and pillows.

^^ and after a stormy night we woke up the next morning to sunshine and pastries from bouchon bakery before heading back to sf. 

Y O U  M I G H T  A L S O  L I K E: