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how to spend two days in mostar, bosnia

Kate ParrishComment

our time in mostar was short and sweet – two days here is likely enough, as the city is actually quite small. known for their iconic 16th century bridge [rebuilt after it was destroyed in the war], local alleys full of quaint shops and market stalls, streets filled with cute bars and restaurants, and all around very cozy vibes.

some must do's if you visit this area:

  1. koski mehmed-pasha mosque: climb up the [somewhat claustrophobic] windy staircase for some of the best views of the city, bridge and surrounding mountains.
  2. see the bridge at night: get dinner [anywhere, really] near the bridge and request a seat outside or the window. seeing it lit up at night, gives an entirely new perspective and beauty. 
  3. blagaj tekijastunning prayer house built above water within the rocks and canyon. and it's over 400 years old... women be sure to bring a scarf to cover your hair to go inside.
  4. picnic on the mostar "beach": there is a small beach that you can easily walk to [can't miss it when you're standing on the bridge]. walk down here with a snack and a blanket to enjoy the view + sounds of the water. you might even see a few kayakers charging by! 
  5. kravice waterfalls: about a 50 minute drive from the city, these falls are massive and absolutely worth a visit if you have the time. in the summer, it seems like a fun place to cool off from the heat.
  6. počiteljstolacafter kravice, take a different route back through these two historic cities from the ottoman empire. it's the best way to see experience the history and see more of the countryside.

a few favorite photos from our visit ... 

^^ on our last night in bosnia we slept in tuzla, a transfer town that our bus to belgrade left from. we stayed with the most loving airbnb family who picked us up at the bus station and welcomed us with coffee, cake and good conversation. their 13 year old daughter translated everything into bosnian so that we could communicate with her parents. we spent the evening watching national geographic together and learning about the war.
it was such a unique and special experience! [all for $19]