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weekend at el cosmico [marfa, texas]

Kate ParrishComment

marfa was never on my radar when i was younger – i hadn't even heard of the place. it wasn't until a couple years ago that i started hearing buzz around the food, art, character, and el cosmico that inspired our recent trip. west texas is beautiful and charming and peaceful, and i think it's definitely worth the trek. my only regret is not adding big bend national park to our trip, next time! our full list of travel recommendations can be found via the marfa travel guide


where: marfa, texas
time of year: november [perfect weather, i'd recommend beating the head and coming in the fall!] 
how to get there: we drove from austin which took about 6 hours
price per night: ranges from about $85 – $225 with options to camp, yurt, tent, teepee or airstrem
activities available: exploring the town, art galleries, shopping and more
things to know:  unless you rent an airstream, you will be using a shared bathroom [that is very nice]. also, marfa is AWESOME but tiny, i don't think you need more than 2 nights here. try to tack on a visit to marathon or big bend as well. 

sleep || at el cosmico  [the love house is another good option if you are unable to get into el cosmico]
eat || cochineal + food shark + pizza foundation
explore || the art galleries to your interest, and make time for a star party – it is a very special experience, and if you get the right weather you'll see more stars than you ever have in your life.