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how to: kayak beach camp in tomales bay

Kate ParrishComment

a few months back i read about kayak camping in sunset magazine and on weekend sherpa–  two of my most trustworthy adventure guides. i immediately snagged a permit for a few months out, giving us something to look forward to. aside from the hell of packing up those kayaks, we had so much fun living on a private beach in tomales bay for the night. 

^^ you'll see not a very smart game is being played here. men.

^^ thank you {sooooo much} for the beanie, strumi love it i love it. 

we also discovered it is bioluminescence season in the bay – this means we were forced {but were happy in the end} to do some night kayaking to see the magical-ness in the water. there are no words to really describe it, but i will never forget the sparkling water beneath our boats.