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glamping @ chateau ramšak | maribor, slovenia

Kate Parrish2 Comments

a big reason we chose to take this trip and love travel in general is the opportunity we get to meet incredible people from around the world and create friendships with them. when we were in lake bled we got to know andrej, the owner of the hostel we were staying at [gh bled]. he was there to relax in the mountains and check in on a few projects. originally we had planned to leave slovenia after ljubljana and head south to bosnia. however, after andrej told us about his new project back in his hometown of maribor, yet another beautiful hilly wine region, we were stoked to add an additional two nights to our slovenian obsession. 

this new glampsite is tucked in the charming wine region of stajerska, with beautifully designed tents, a tree house, wonderful views of the vineyard, an open-air bar, private jacuzzis attached to your deck [!!] and a natural stream running through the grounds. breakfast is included each morning and i found myself craving it after we left – europeans just get how to do breakfast: fresh and healthy fruit, yogurt, bread and museli, charcuterie, cheese... even though you are only 15 minutes from downtown maribor, this place feels like you are in a different time all together and it is by far the most glamorous site we have stayed in.  [price per night: €150-250 | depending on season]

the entire campsite sits on a 200 year old winery in a very small village. the chateau boasts its own wine cellar and houses the largest wine press in europe. they offer tours and tastings of course, and interestingly only make white wine [the grape that has traditionally grown here] which helps them stay focused as a small batch winemaker. their wine is shockingly good and the 'tasting' was heavy handed on the pours. it went down a little too easy and i'm already wishing we would have left with a few more bottles. for anyone visiting slovenia soon, this spot is truly a must!

* this stay was part of a collaboration, all opinions are my own.