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my favorite town in the philippines: el nido

Kate ParrishComment

after apulit island we were shuttled a couple hours north to el nido – an insanely gorgeous part of palawan filled with mountains and some of the bluest water i've ever seen. our time here was short, as we were heading on our sailing trip in 2 days. we jam-packed our stay with a full day boat tour stopping at 5 different islands – on some of which we had the entire beach to ourselves. our two guides cooked us the most delicious lunch off the side of our boat, and we were able to buy beers at the tiny little huts located on each of the islands. this was one of my favorite days from the trip. 

the el nido overlooking was also perfect. this french inspired boutique hotel consists of 4 private villas and had some of the best most authentic breakfast + coffee. and right next door was the coolest beach bar i've ever seen, which ended up being our go-to spot for kalamansi mojitos and dinner each night. our only regret from el nido was that we didn't stay long enough. this place is truly truly magical.