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alamere falls

Kate ParrishComment

i'm often mind blown that i still live in the apartment that callie and i found back in 2010. makes it all the more fun when she comes to visit me and we can relive our bay area life together! a few weeks back, i was lucky enough to get CR all to myself for the weekend. we ate and drank and hiked and shared a nasty cold which inspired us to also spend a lot of our time lounging – which ended up being quite nice, actually.

some of my favorite moments include: breakfast at the best, outerlands. a stop at basik before hitting the road to bolinas to hike alamere falls. drinks at hi-lo club {whiskey and lemon for the throat, please}coqueta {gin and tonics all around}, and hardwater {oysters!}. dinner at liholiho. a day in the park at cavallo point. and most of all just loads of time getting in some much needed catch up.