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mexico city | long weekend in roma & condesa

Kate ParrishComment

our dear friends j + j arrived just in time for the weekend and the 4 of us + mexico city was a match made in heaven. we had so much fun exploring this massive city together. we didn't have enough time to see everything on our list, but some of my favorite moments are: two trips to panaderia rosetta, an amazing french/mexican bakery, street taco after street taco, the BEST mango margaritas of my life at condesa azul, grasshopper quesadillas!, tasting (and getting tipsy off of) pulque at the pulqueria duelista, catching the bus to visit the pyramids, taking a second trip to both mercado de medellinand mercado roma (where we had a cocktail at the best little beer garden), bar hopping for various mezcal sippers, and lastly our visit to plaza garibaldi which was the best decision we ever made. i've never seen so many mariachi bands in my life! 

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