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warm and sunny new year | buenos aires

Kate ParrishComment

after buses and taxis and flights and more buses, we finally arrived back in BA by 8pm for new years eve. it was a whirlwind and we were not prepared for the partying that argentineans take on. some highlights from our last few days here include – 

the 3 – 8am street party outside of our airbnb rental, nordic sandwiches and too many spritz from olsendinner at casa felix (in his backyard!), listening to kyle speak english in a spanish accent and thinking that it will help, drinking at the secret bar underneath a flower shop, the most massive cheese plate paired with fernet and coke @ bar el federalventuring back to our favorite parilla, getting french @ oui oui, and BEST OF ALL sneaking into the pool at faena hotel on our last day; i will remember that day forever.