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patagonia w trek day I: torres del paine

Kate Parrish1 Comment

on the day after christmas we caught our final bus into the national park where we were dropped at the beginning of the w trek. this trek got its name from the w-ish shape it makes as you hike yourself from campground to campground over 4 days. we knew this journey would be tough, but it wasn't until i walked directly up hill for hours that i really knew what tough meant. 

our first night was spent at refugio el chileno which was one of the coziest places i've ever seen. tucked next to a beautiful river with clean bunks for us to sleep in and a warm meal. after hiking all-frickin-day it was so nice to come back here, share a bottle of wine, play cards, and go to bed early before our next day of hiking. 

^^ some of the coldest cleanest most delicious water