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getting to patagonia: 2 days in el calafate

Kate Parrish1 Comment

our trip was split in two– city exploring {buenos aires}, and wilderness exploring {patagonia}. it wasn't until we started planning that we realized how hard it was to actually get there. first we flew south into a town called el calafate. we then caught a bus 5+ hours to a smaller town, puerto natales where we had one final 2+ hour bus into torres del paine national park. when we saw a "you are here" map i realized we were as far south as you can get before hitting antartica! 

we decided to stop in el calafate for a day to explore the perito moreno glacier and go horseback riding. it was a perfect segway into our hiking trip. while these towns feel like they're in the middle of absolute no where, they still manage to serve you delicious food and endless bottles of wine to make every adventure fancy.