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last minute gift ideas

Kate ParrishComment

this year we'll be traveling during christmas, which inevitably had me come across some epic travel-friendly gifts. need any last minute stocking stuffers? these should all fit nicely in your luggage. <from the top, left to right>

1. custom camera strap – some cool shops on etsy found here and here (pictured)

2. travel dominos – because you never know when you'll need to bust out a game

3. mini-sriracha – it's always smart to be packin'

4. opinel wine and cheese knife – cheese plates anywhere anytime

5. flavored toothpicks – my favorite are the cinnamon {they have these at the check-out counter at stag if you live in austin}

6. filson daypack – the perfect everyday travel bag

7. carry on cocktail kit – cheers!

8. travel scrabble – the same reason as #2 

happy holidays!