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christmas wish list

Kate ParrishComment

december is flying by and i don't want it to end! here are a few things that have caught my eye recently. santa, if you're listening <from left to right>

1. a fancy fan– ours is from costco and while functional it's kind of an eye sore

2. leather dining chairs – we saw these in the flesh at el cosmico and i haven't stopped thinking about them since

3. a new robe – remember me at hotel havana? i'd like that to be my everyday life

4. real cheese supplies – we currently cut cheese with a butter knife and it's not cool

5. john derian tray – this would pair nicely with our recent piece from brian salvi

6. heath ceramics – i can afford about two bowls a month, but one day we'll have a kitchen full!

7. campfire candle + balsam fir incense – they make the house smell like christmas even when it's 75 degrees outside