life on pine


Kate ParrishComment

last weekend we took a quick 48 hour trip to LA for a number of reasons –

1. it was mothers day and we wanted to spend it with lorna p

2. kp missed the ocean

3. we missed our friends

4. bry got married !!

while the trip flew, we packed in a bunch of activities making the weekend feel long and relaxing. friday night was spent catching up over drinks and popping around bars with our luggage in hand. saturday was spent beaching and surfing and enjoying some sweet cali burritos for lunch. we later took naps at our beach-side 


 and spent the rest of the evening at the beauty-ful 


for the lovebird's wedding

^^ 3 youtube videos and 2 fights later we had a bow tie! 

^^ will go down in history as the best , best man speech of all time. he SANG! 

you can watch here if you feel inclined.