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sunday @ hope farmer's market, jester king & salt lick

Kate ParrishComment

hope farmer's market might be one of my go-to's, now, after spending last weekend there getting tons of awesome goodies, including ground lamb and a hand painted pic of a buffalo for $5. it was a good morning.

^^ afterwards we stopped by one of my all time favorite spots, sno beach, for a warm day treat. oh how i've missed this glorious place. 

^^ later that evening we went to jester king, an awesome brewery about 30 minutes from downtown. i can't wait to come back here and try their pizza! unfortunately we had to save room in our stomachs this time for our next adventure ... 

^^ and here is why the pizza didn't go down, our next stop was salt lick. we had to wait about an hour for a table, but this was no problem being that we had a few bottles of brew and live music, and a sunset to keep us company. it's not particularly close, but a salt lick trip is always amazing. always.