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welcome to clarksville

Kate ParrishComment

i've started to realize that the best way to learn your way around a city is by either walking or biking – i've never been good with directional instincts. even though i grew up here in austin, i'm still learning the ins and outs of this new neighborhood we're calling home. saturday was spent exploring the hood on our bikes, and later cruising streets with crazy amazing houses.

that night we had something to celebrate – my sis is our new neighbor! and while i accidentally forgot my camera to her party {i was distracted by snapping pics of our little pre cocktail party}, we had a great time celebrating her move with old and new friends, and closing out the night with a drink down the street at jeffery'sone of our new favorite neighborhood bars.

^^ this house was... nuts.

^^the palomaesque– i haven't always been a mezcal lady, but this changed everything. happy monday !