life on pine

goodbye, 2013.

Kate ParrishComment

one of the many reasons i like blogging is so that i can document my life – as i get older {i know, i'm not that old...} i'm realizing that things often get forgotten. this really freaks me out. i love being able to go back at the end of the year scroll through a mini highlight reel... here are a few {well, more than a few} of my favorite moments from this past year.

^^ early year trips to portland and vegas

^^ the year we became scribe junkies

the year of the foster pups and motorcycles ... 

the year we went to nyc twice, and the niners went to the super bowl

we finally had a dinner party ...

^^ the most surprised i've ever been ... 

^^ always finding new adventures in the bay area ...

^^ we recruited scribe fans

^^ i went to chicago for the first time, and callie got engaged !!! 

^^ we made it back to pigeon point

^^ we explored oakland. a lot. 

^^ i did my first road ride, and rewarded myself with lagunitas brewery

^^ amelia and i discovered coqueta's gin and tonics

^^ one of my most favorite 4th of july celebrations ... 

^^ jc is an american!!

^^ i started working at the best place ever

^^ these two. this night. 

^^ bioluminescence and kayak camping

^^ a second trip to new york, with everyone ! 

^^ i donated my hair... 

^^ we extreme double dated with martha and jc

^^ we had some epic send-offs with some amazing friends

^^ and finally, we made a massive life decision and moved to austin for kp's job {who would have seen that coming in 2012?} cheers to new beginnings, and incredible memories.