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chilly chili

Kate ParrishComment

this week austin shut down because of the below. we're a bunch of snow and ice wimps around here. i took the opportunity to embrace the "snow day" by whipping out my crock pot and making white bean chili. this stuff is healthy, delicious, and makes your house smell like you've been slaving all day. when really you've been ... not .. doing that. i also tried a new banana bread recipe {i was turning into a one trick pony with this one. don't get me wrong, it is also a winner.} both turned out to be the perfect thing for a warm cozy night in.

^^ my first time to sub coconut oil for butter. i swear to you, it is SO much better. 

^^ the crumble topping makes this healthy bread taste a little more like dessert. mmmm

^^ chili should always be accompanied by a little corn bread muffin. 

** my only edits to the recipe were adding blue berries to the bread, and cutting the chili recipe in half if you're only dining for 2. happy sunday !