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bbq & biking

Kate ParrishComment

saturday we were pleasantly reminded that austin does indeed get hot. real hot. i imagine when summer rolls around we will not be so willingly hoping on our bikes – so let's start taking advantage while we still can.

our day started with a stop at mellow johnny's for espresso and a quick brake fix {mine were broken and you, um, kind of need those.} this place is really awesome. afterwards we biked to the east side where we had lunch at micklethwaits. the bbq scene here is getting pretty crazy {wake up at 6 am to get in line type crazy}, so we were grateful to find a killer place that was comfortably crowded. to digest we wandered the neighborhood and found a few vintage shops we now love – olive and sam hill.

^^ we slowly made our way to zilker park via the hike and bike trail, and spent the rest of our day playing frescobol, throwing the football, and making friends with other people's doggies. we can't commit to our own quite yet.

^^ one of the goodies we picked up at sam hill –incense that make your house smell like the middle of muir woods. i could sniff this all day long in a non-creepy way.