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texas christmas

Kate ParrishComment

this year we celebrated christmas with a lot of people – it was loving and exhausting all at once {no offense, fam}. things started in texas with a dirty santa party in houston at my aunt's. we came home the proud owners of a cactus and a tequila bottle. hello !

the day following we had a pretend christmas in austin that consisted of fondue, wine, doggies, naps, baking, wine, more fondue, and a gift exchange. we were so full and happy ours heads almost exploded. so thankful to have so many loved ones around this time of year !

^^ cheese fondue, i've missed you! it has been ages. this stuff is like heaven in a bowl – and being that jc is swiss, we had some super authentic stuff going on. the cheese was flown into central market that week from his home town in switzerland. ** note, you might want to just mentally prepare that you will feel like you've eaten a bowling ball for lunch. 

^^ this thing is the perfect combo of pecan and pumpkin pie. people will like you more if you make it for them.