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big sur, carmel and the esalen institute

Kate ParrishComment

saturday morning we woke up slightly in pain from halloween to my alarm reminding me it was time to try and reserve a spot at the hot springs that night. 50 minutes and 97 busy signals / re-dials later, we were booked. the things we do ?? carmel + big sur are two of the most beautiful places in the bay area, and we really don't take advantage of them enough. that being said, we booked two nights at one of the coziest airbnb's and dedicated our weekend to hard core relaxy time. personally, i was most excited for the springs mentioned above. they are only open to the public (20 people per night) between the hours of 1 am and 3am. super exclusive and special, obviously.  

for dinner we made late reservations at big sur bakery and loved it so much we went back the following day. the food was delicious and the atmosphere made me feel like i was in switzerland. after stuffing ourselves with mussles and pecan PIE {fall i love you so much please never leave me!!} we downed a few espressos and made way to the esalen institute for our middle of the night adventure. 

^^ no cameras {or clothing :) } were allowed down at the springs, so this is the only photo i have. imagine this in pure darkness with shooting stars above. probably one of the coolest things i've done and  i highly recommend to anyone looking for a really really really' awesome night.