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east coast vacation | new york city

Kate ParrishComment

saturday morning around noonish hurt when we woke up. i'm rarely up past 10:00pm much less 4:00am. {i'm not a loser, san francisco is just a sleepy city. i swear.} anyway, we woke up and grabbed bagels and headed straight for my bestie eball's roof. after what felt like hours we made our way to the plaza for food hall snacks that we brought to central park. hello fall! it was très beautiful.

^^ the colors. i mean.. next we made our standard high line and biergarten stop {no pun intended?} ... the evening/night was spent at one of my favorite ny restaurants, joseph leonards, followed by a night of dancing at the jane hotel. because it was the weekend pre-hallowen, this dance party was 50% full of costumes which made it that much better. there may have also been real vampires there. not kidding. 

there were also things like getting lost in the rain, dropped off in the wrong place by a cabbie because he was annoyed of us, and late night (more like early morning) pizza that are probably worth noting and remembering, too.