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a saturday in the east bay

Kate ParrishComment

three day weekend, what's up! saturday started with some *much needed* yoga at yttp– afterwards we hopped on our bikes and with a little assistance from the bart, we were exploring oakland in no time. we're kinda oakland junkies lately. some highlights include an amazing lunch at the trappist, followed by a 30 minute ride thru some interesting parts of town... over to missouri lounge, hello dive bar.

later that night we hit up velvet cantina for dinner – my recent trip to austin has me on a queso kick. after dinner we had a few drinks in the back yard of el rio. i LOVE this place. one day i hope to actually try their famous flatbreads. 

^^ our night ended at little baobab – though we were disappointed by the recent expansion {we used to love the small sweaty feel of the old grungy spot, but oh well} – we still had a great time dancing the night away and closing out our evening with a nutella crepe. cheers!