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kayaks & sol food

Kate ParrishComment

AL and i have been trying to do a lady date for weeks now – i'm so happy we finally made it happen. she and i both share a strong {i'm talkin' strong} love for the north bay, so we obviously spent our morning in sausalito. first things first – kayaking. why not? you feel adventurous, it's not THAT hard {but it's not that easy....}, and you have the chance to see little baby seals waving at you from the water. hello adventure!

after working up an appetite, we stopped for lunch at sol food in mill valley. i haven't been there since way back in 2011 – how have i waited so long?! this little puerto rican piece of heaven is truly the best thing since sliced bread. not kidding. 

^^ later we wandered mill valley aimlessly, dreaming of one day living there when we're "too old for the city", whatever that means. our afternoon ended by rendezvous-ing with friends at the hayes valley biergarten. a truly perfect saturday. 

^^ the guy's lunch – appetizing, eh?

cheers babes.