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healdsburg & geyserville

Kate ParrishComment

this weekend we took a little staycation before things get kinda crazy in our worlds. saturday was pretty much perfect – we've been dying to go to healdsburg, and by 11am we were already up north and buckled into a little pick-up truck heading towards the russian river. we spent our afternoon canoeing, drinking my favorite beer, swimming, and admiring the insane scenery. i would recommend everyone do this asap if you're in the bay area.

afterwards we made our way back to our home for the night which was part of this crazy complex {all available rentals in complex included in that link} that is really just too hard to explain. an egyptian themed pool party with exotic birds, if you can imagine? after pool time we cleaned up and went to dinner at campo finathis spot couldn't have been better – outdoor seating, awesome food and cocktails, delicious dessert, and bocce ball.