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seafood sunday

Kate ParrishComment

a few weeks back we had an epic seafood sunday that somehow fell of the map, but shall not be forgotten –adult fish sticks– how have we not thought to make you before? the day started with some time at plant warehouse. kp has completely fallen off the plant deep end, we're really worried about him.

^^ they treat their customers well. wine and cheese and snacks? hello!  also, he puts the seatbelt around his plants. he's never once done this for me. not once. 

^^ later that day we migrated slightly north for some sunshine,frescobol, and picnicing at cavallo point. i always forget how fun this place is – and boy do they have good rosé. look! even jake is drinking it. 

^^ inspired by our picnic reading material, bon appetit mag, we closed out the night with an epic meal full of nostalgia. i highly recommend this tasty summer recipe! cheers.